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Sustainable Employee Spotlight: Meet Mikhail

Learn how Mikhail, a Graphic Designer for BRAHMIN, practices sustainability.

In Celebration of Earth Day

All month long we'll be shining a spotlight on Brahmin employees who incorporate sustainability into their everyday routines.


Meet Mikhail, Graphic Designer

What is your role here at Brahmin?

As a graphic designer, I work on a team that curates the Brahmin brand experience. Whether you’re looking at an ad, scrolling our social media feed, or opening your inbox, my role is to help translate our products and story into a cohesive visual narrative.

How do you practice sustainability at home?

I utilize minimal-waste refills and avoid the use of plastic whenever possible, ranging from my choice of bath and body products to repurposing glass jars and avoiding single-use disposables. If presented with an option between recycled or natural materials and synthetic products, I try to opt for the former - like only using cotton thread when I design at home. Shopping locally is another part of my effort to live more sustainably, and helps support our communities as well.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate sustainability into your wardrobe?

I found out years ago that highly processed fibers such as polyester, nylon, and other synthetics not only irritated my skin, but also made it harder for my body to thermoregulate. I make it a point to fill my closet with natural materials like wool, linen, and cotton. The quality of natural fibers is what makes clothing and accessories age beautifully.

How did you begin taking steps to living more sustainably?

When I was young, any wastefulness was frowned upon in my household. As I grew older and moved from city to city, I began to feel especially thankful for nature and determined to help preserve our environment. My efforts first started with simple steps like donating clothing and recycling. I’ve moved onto limiting myself to necessary and/or secondhand purchases, especially those that are reuseable or will last me a lifetime.

In what simple ways can our readers practice sustainability in their daily routines?

It can start with investing in choices that cut back on waste. Genuine leather bags such as ours are a worthy lifelong investment, and can easily be repaired when imitation leather (which is just plastic) can tear and fall apart disastrously. Only buy what you need and will last - in doing so, your budget will be a bit bigger to invest in those things you really love, too.