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Category: Style and Inspiration

The Zodiac Assortment: Gemini Edition

Known for a vivacious personality, the Gemini style is bright and fun. Discover the perfect handbags for the Gemini in your life at Brahmin.

Gemini Personality Traits

Known for dual personalities, Gemini people, born May 21 - June 21, can be fun and expressive or totally serious and a bit restless. They're ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and enjoy deep conversations. With endless curiosity, Geminis don't like to feel stuck or bored. Instead, they like to meet new people and experience new things.

Gifts for a Gemini

Shopping for Gemini gifts is a joy! Cheery yellow is their power color, and secondary Gemini colors are green, white, and medium blue. They are drawn to sparkly things, so metallic accents will excite them. Any handbag featuring those colors that evokes a sense of playfulness will fit your Gemini's style perfectly.