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Category: Style and Inspiration

Essential Ways To Start Dressing With Confidence

Being confident starts with feeling good about yourself, from head to toe. Here are tips on how you can start dressing with confidence, beginning with your bag!

How To Start Dressing With Confidence

Being confident truly is a state of mind. It starts with feeling good about yourself, from head to toe. If you’ve been thinking about how to build self-confidence, taking pride in your appearance is one way to start. Defining your personal style is one way to achieve that. But where does that process even begin? Here at Brahmin, we’ve got a few tips on to dress confidently and more importantly, feel confident, starting with the handbags and accessories that can help you achieve this goal.


Find Your Colors

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you wear one color versus another? You can find out if you have warm or cool undertones by looking at the veins in your wrists in natural light. If your veins look green or greenish-blue, your skin has warm undertones. If the veins look blue or purple, you have cool undertones. This information can help you determine what colors look best on you. But we believe the shades that always put a smile on your face when you wear them are the ones that should take center stage in your closet. If you love a neutral palette, then handbags in classic solid tones of black, tan, or navy blue will feel at home with your wardrobe. Drawn to a big, bold color? Your satchel bags and large tote & carryalls can also reflect that love of a brighter hue.


Play To Your Strengths

Understanding that we come in all sizes and shapes, and that makes each of us wonderfully unique, is how to be more confident in your body. Brahmin’s selection of handbags are designed with all kinds of women in mind. With many styles of smooth leather purses, slouchy bucket bags and crossbody purses, finding one that works best with you personality and functional needs will be a breeze. Our adjustable straps allow you to customize the length of your handbag that will work best with your body. Brahmin’s casual satchels are designed with all the essential features needed to still keep you organized. 

Make a Statement 

Having a signature fashion statement can give you a confidence boost. You can let out your inner lioness by carrying an animal print bag. Sporting a playful print always adds a cheeky element to an outfit. You can add just a little by carrying a multi-colored clutch. Or go all out with an oversized tote in our trending and buzzworthy prints.

Play Up Your Accessories

Want to take your style to the next level? Let’s talk about jewelry! Your favorite beads and baubles can elevate your clothing and give a big boost to your confident styling choices. Try a bracelet with a rainbow motif or add a charm necklace as a delicate addition to any look. 


A Final Thought On How To Dress Confident

Looking confident doesn’t have to be hard. But you do have to invest time in defining how you want to present yourself to the world. Luckily, we’ve got a great post on ways to discover your personal style. Use these tips, as well as the ones we’ve laid out here to get started. With our helpful hints, along with your collection of designer handbags and accessories, you’ll be feeling confident in no time.