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What to Look for When Buying Card Wallets

While it is often stowed inside a handbag, a leather card wallet has style & function. Here are some things to consider when choosing a designer card wallet.

What to Look for When Buying Card Wallets 

While it is often stowed inside a handbag, a can’t-live-without card holder wallet has a style and function story that’s all its very own. This tiny carryall is actually a titan of tidiness, the mighty mini workhorse accessory that travels with you everywhere you go. Making sure you find the right one to fit your needs and personal fashion savvy is always top priority. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing the right designer card holder for you. 


What Is a Card Holder? 

A designated space to stash cash, credit cards, IDs, and other items, the card holder wallet is a perfect way to keep card-sized documentation and your money in check. In addition, when it’s a designer card holder from Brahmin, it becomes a stylish coordinate that can be placed inside your favorite satchel or bucket bag


What Are the Benefits of a Card Holder Wallet? 

A card holder wallet is a simple and convenient way to carry your currencies and cards. The main benefit of a card holder wallet is that it is compact in design, which means it won’t take up too much precious space inside your latest buzzworthy bag or classic evening clutch. Secondly, for that rare occasion when you decide to venture out without a purse, a slim credit card holder can be slipped inside a jacket pocket or carried in your hand. 

Card Holder Vs Wallet  

Both these items stow away cash and cards, so what makes each one of them unique? The biggest difference between a credit card holder and a wallet is the size. A slim credit card holder is great for those who just want to carry their wallet essentials and, in turn, take up less space. But if you're looking for something that offers slip pockets to handle the extras, like receipts and business cards, a more traditionally sized wallet-wristlet may be more to your liking. In either case, your card holder and wallet can still be a work of art in eye-catching Melbourne or a luxe, jewel-tone finish


What to Consider When Buying Your Next Designer Card Holder? 

There are three things to consider when buying your card holder wallet, all based on your personal needs and wardrobe aesthetics. 



Lightweight, sleek, and extremely practical, a credit card wallet is perfectly sized to slip into in a clutch, wristlet, or handbag. Even the slimmest of Brahmin's designs offers several credit card and ID slots, which makes this slim wallet versatile enough to hold your most important items, and it has a zip top to keep money and receipts safe. 



While card holder wallets come in many materials, leather card wallets are ideal due to the material’s longevity and fashionable appeal. Brahmin’s collection, crafted from signature croc-embossed genuine leather, offers styles that are as durable as they are distinctive. 



Diversify your credit card collection. A square-shaped card case in classic black is a sleek look when carrying your ID cards, credit cards, and gift cards inside handbags, backpacks, and totes. Look for one with a slotted top to keep your cash and extra cards handy. Get a little more playful with a few graphic patterned designer card holders in bright vivid colors. 


Keep your life stylishly sorted with Brahmin's selection of card holder wallets and designer card holders.

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