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Category: Style and Inspiration

The Zodiac Assortment: Taurus Edition

Known for their persistence and work ethic, the Taurus style is timeless and luxurious. Find the perfect handbag for the Taurus in your life at Brahmin.

Taurus Personality Traits

While many like to call Taurus a stubborn sign, we prefer the term "persistent." Hard-working and eternally loyal, the Taurus individual will stand beside you in the best and worst of times. They are always thoughtful, organized, and able to appreciate the finer things in life. They love all things luxurious, well-made, and reliable.

Gifts for a Taurus

To find the perfect gift for a Taurus, those born April 20-May 20, choose high-quality materials in timeless styles. Any piece that can help them stay organized and support their work ethic will suit them well. This earth sign loves the color green because it evokes nature, and they will appreciate pops of pink and white, too.