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BHM Employee Spotlight - Katrina

Help us celebrate Black History Month with our spotlight on store manager, Katrina, from Memphis, Tennessee. See what made her fall in love with Brahmin bags.

In honor of Black History Month, we're committed to utilizing our platforms to uplift, amplify, and celebrate Black voices. We’re starting with our employees, who shape the company and culture at Brahmin.

Meet Katrina, the Store Manager at the Brahmin Saddle Creek boutique in Memphis, Tennessee. 

“I was first introduced to Brahmin when shopping at a department store for a new designer handbag . There she was: the Brahmin handbag. The detailing of the refined croc-print with it's soft, sleek silhouette captivated my attention. It was love at first sight. The Pecan collection was my very first Brahmin purchase and it has remained a staple in my collection of handbags.”

Katrina began her career at Brahmin in 2019 with more than 35 years of Retail Management experience in Sales, Operations, Training and Development and Customer Service. 

 “Wherever your Brahmin handbag takes you it will be the start to many conversations and new friendships.” 

Katrina is not defined by one style. She likes to experiment with different looks depending on the occasion and pairs a different handbag with each of her styles. “Organization is key and finding the right handbag that will carry all of my essentials while looking stylish is a benefit.”

“For the casual look I like to wear crossbody bags. It's convenient and makes multitasking effortless. For the classy/dressy look I prefer the mid-size satchels. They compliment my outfits and give me a polished look. For the office I prefer a full size handbag or satchel.”

“I've recently purchased the Hillary crossbody and have fallen in love with the look, style, and function of the handbag. It's just the right size and has room for my essentials.” 

Katrina’s Style Tips:

When pairing your outfit with a handbag there are so many options to choose from. Today's women are experimenting with texture, color combination, style, versatility, and function.

The first key to pairing your outfit with a handbag is styling for the right occasion. Whether you're celebrating with friends, starting a new career or just going to the mall, having the right handbag dictates your outfit.

The second key is choosing a handbag that compliments your style. Finding a handbag that balances your own creativity creates self confidence.

The third key is choosing a handbag that perfectly matches your many personalities. One cannot be defined by one style or color. Switch it up. Go from dominant red (daring) to charismatic yellow (charming) to soothing blue (relaxing). 

Don't forget to... Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize! I like to add a tassel as a finishing touch. Compliment your handbag with a final touch by adding on accessories, and don't forget the matching wallet.