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Category: Style and Inspiration

The Zodiac Assortment: Aries Edition

Known for their energy and passion, the Aries style is bold, dynamic, and completely original. Find the perfect handbag for the Aries in your life at Brahmin.

Aries Personality Traits

Energetic and passionate, the determined Aries is often a natural leader. They bring their motivation and competitive nature to everything they do, seeking out new challenges and dynamic experiences. "Fiery" is a well-matched characteristic of people with this Fire sign, who can be impulsive in their eagerness to take action. These strong personalities are eager to show who they are.

Gifts for an Aries

As befits their passionate, fiery nature, gifts in reds and oranges are a natural fit as Aries colors. Choose a gift that complements their bold and individualistic nature, and lets them show off their creativity. Remember that Aries are action-oriented, so look for gifts that speak to their drive for control and organization, as well. Functional gifts that show off their uniqueness are a perfect choice.