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How To Clean Leather Dog Collars

If you are curious about how to clean leather dog collars, we're sharing our tips to keep your dog’s collar fresh and conditioned. Check them out here!

How To Clean Leather Dog Collars

You’ve got a pup who is as active as you are. You want to make sure that you are keeping all its accessories in the best condition. If you are curious about how to clean leather dog collars, Brahmin has the tips you need on keeping your dog’s collar fresh and conditioned.

How Do You Take Care Of Leather Dog Collars?

A leather dog collar is a worthy investment for your pup. When it's crafted from luxe leather, this pet staple is the ultimate accessory for your favorite furry friend. With a little effort, you can maintain this collar for years to come. You can apply a conditioning protector to your leather dog collar to prevent weather and sun damage. Gently apply the conditioner and then wipe off the excess. Leave the leather to naturally dry. 

If your dog’s collar gets wet – maybe your pup went for an unexpected swim or got caught in the rain – make sure to remove its collar and then lay it out flat or hang it up to let it dry out fully. Leaving it on could breed bacteria or other irritants around your dog’s neck. Also, wipe down the buckle with a cloth and inside the buckle holes to prevent rusting. You can invest in a few collars so you’ll always have one on hand while the others are being cared for.  


How Do You Clean Leather Dog Collars?

You’ll be happy to know that it isn’t a lot of work to maintain your dog’s leather collar. For daily cleaning, all you need to do is gently wipe down the collar with a damp cloth. Lay the collar down on a flat surface and let it naturally dry. 

A collar is an integral part of your dog’s life, so why not have one that is as stylish as you are? Brahmin’s dog collars are made with croc-embossed genuine leather in stunning shades of black, pecan, and carnation red. Keeping your dog collar in tip-top condition means you are able to keep your pooch in tip-top condition with daily walks and play.

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