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Your Guide to Dog Collars and How to Choose The Perfect Fit

Our leather dog collar guide covers the different types of dog collars, things you should consider before buying a dog collar, and how to choose the perfect fit.

Dog Collar Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Fit

A collar is such an integral part of your dog's existence. It allows you to share vital information about your pup, such as its license and ID. It’s where you’ll hook up your leash to allow your pooch the freedom to explore the outside world. There are many different types of dog collars, so let’s explore a few.


What to Consider Before Buying a Dog Collar?

There are a few things you should consider before buying a dog collar. Finding the right collar will have an impact on your dog’s state of comfort and its safety, making walks and playtime more enjoyable for you both. Taking your dog’s size and breed into consideration, your dog’s collar should fit comfortably around his neck. You can measure your dog with a tape measure to gauge the size. A general rule of thumb is that the collar should have enough wiggle room for you to slip two fingers between it and your pup’s neck.

Small Collar

6.5" - 9.5" W

0.5" H

Medium Collar

10.5" - 14.5" W

0.75" H

Large Collar

16.5" - 20.0" W

1.0" H

Once you’ve solved the question of “how should a dog collar fit,” you’ll want to consider the different dog collar types you need and of course, how they look. Here are a few options:


Standard Dog Collar:

The most standard dog collar is one that lays flushed against your dog’s neck. It will have a buckle or snap closure and a ring to attach your pooch’s identification tags and leash. If your dog isn’t one to pull against its harness, a standard dog collar should be at the top of your list.


Dog Head Collar:

A dog head collar is a combination device that goes around your dog’s neck along with a halter piece that goes around its nose. You can attach its leash to a ring below the dog's chin. Just remember to check that your dog collar fit is correct to avoid irritating your loveable pup’s face.


Leather Dog Collar:

If you’re seeking chic dog collars, a leather dog collar is a viable option. Ones made from genuine leather – like the ones from Brahmin – are beautifully constructed styles that feature a croc-embossed surface and smooth leather backing. The aesthetics are ramped up with a stylish buckle closure that ensures the collar will stay in place. The D-ring attachment means you can combine a leather dog collar and leash for a complete matching look.


Waterproof Collar:

Got a dog that acts more like a fish? If you’re the pooch parent of a water-loving puppy, then investing in a waterproof collar is a good idea. These are perfect for aquatic activities since they are constructed from materials that are water-repellent and stay odor-free without shrinking or losing flexibility. However, if your dog is sporting a leather dog collar and happens to get it wet, you’ll be happy to know that you can wash it and let it air dry so it can be worn again in the future.

Searching for the best leather dog collars is easy with Brahmin’s pet collection at your fingertips. Choose between small, medium, and large width sizes, each with six holes and a logo charm to ensure the most comfortable fit and fashionable look for your dog. Bonus points if your handbag matches your dog’s collar. With multiple styles of bags available in black, pecan and carnation, there is no excuse not to match.