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Women’s History Month - Rose

Women’s History Month feature. Meet Rose, nominated by her peers as an example of a woman who breaks the bias and inspires her colleagues everyday.

Spotlight on: Rose 

Meet Rose Chaves. She’s worked at Brahmin since the very beginning. She started by hand sewing bags alongside the founders and has continued to grow with the company. Today, she leads the team in the factory as the Factory Supervisor. 

“Rose is a team player that’s been with Brahmin since the inception. She is an example of strength, and is always ready to help whenever we need it.”

In her own words 

Rose has always been a positive force at Brahmin; her strength serves an inspiration to everyone on the team. This is the career advice she offers– “Always stand up for what you believe in; never be afraid to speak your mind. Never be afraid to make mistakes– take it as an opportunity to learn and grow.”

Rose has been with the company for 40 years and, in that time, has developed and fostered a deep love for Brahmin and the women we design for.

“Brahmin handbags are proudly crafted and handmade by a crew of hardworking women. Every pattern and stitch embodies this strength. Our handbags are strong, bold, and beautiful… just like the women who wear them.” 

Shop her favorites

“My current favorite is the Large Duxbury Satchel in Bermuda Ombre. It beautifully represents the island’s sand and sea. Bermuda holds a special place in my heart.”