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Your Guide to Dog Leash Styles and Their Functions

There are many types of leashes available, from retractable to leather dog leashes. Here are some of the top dog leash types you can explore for your pup!

Four Dog Leash Types & Their Functions

When it comes to the most important accessories for your canine companion, dog leashes will be at the top of your list. It’s your “pet’s lifeline” when you are both out in the world, giving your dog freedom to roam while protecting it at the same time.

There are many types of leashes to choose from, including leather dog leashes. Here are some of the top dog leash types you can explore for your favorite puppy.


Dog Leash Types

There are several types of dog leashes to choose from, from a standard size to one that gives your dog ultimate freedom while on its leash.


The Standard Dog Leash

This will be the most basic leash you have on hand for walking your dog. It’s usually 4 to 6 ft. in length and gives your dog some freedom to play in the park, dine near you when you are seated outside, and take those wonderful daily strolls around your neighborhood. It will have a clip attachment for your dog’s collar and some type of handle for you to hold on to. It offers plenty of control for the owner, while also giving your dog some room to roam.

The standard is the go-to walking dog leash for most owners. The leash is long enough for a little slack in the line when used with smaller pups. Make sure you have a few in your collection so you always have one ready to go.


The Retractable Dog Leash

Retractable leashes are devices that can be extended or retracted to different lengths. Also known as a flexi lead, they contain a spring-loaded mechanism to control the coiled-up leash.

These leashes give your dog extended length to move about freely when outside. But avoid using a retractable dog leash in a closed space, as they could get caught on something and injure your pooch.


The Leather Dog Leash

You want your dog’s leash to be functional and fabulous, so try one in leather! Brahmin’s collection of leather dog leashes features croc-embossed surfaces, smooth leather backings, and logo rivets. They also have a dog clip attachment and sleek leather handle. Available in three width sizes and 5 ft. in length, these are designed for large and small pups and cats who love to explore.


The Long Dog Leash

If you have a very active dog, you may want to get a long leash that gives your pooch ultimate mobility. Long leashes are usually 8 to 10 ft. long and can be even longer. These are best used when your dog is already familiar with being on a leash. That said, long leashes are great when you and your dog visit big, open spaces, like on a hiking trip or strolling down the beach. Just remember to keep the leash slack off the ground to prevent tangling or tripping.

Choosing the right types of leashes will depend on what your dog likes. You can pair your Brahmin leather dog collar and leash for the ultimate in sophistication and style. Made from genuine materials, these leather dog leashes are designed to last through all your afternoons walks and adventures.