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Category: Style and Inspiration

What To Keep In Your Purse

Unveil the essentials with Brahmin's guide on what to keep in your purse. Explore the perfect balance of style and functionality for your daily carry.

We love our purses and what we put in them. Our purse contents make daily excursions and nightly adventures a lot easier to manage, but what exactly should we be keeping in there? More importantly, is there anything we should avoid holding inside our precious handbags

When it comes to what to put inside a purse, here are the most important things you should have, from core essentials to items that are ideal to have on hand for life’s unexpected moments. 

What To Carry In a Small Purse

If you prefer to zip around with a small purse, like a crossbody or a clutch, you’ll need to maximize every inch of space. Brahmin’s smaller handbags are smartly designed to provide ample room in their compact space, with interior compartments, zipped pockets, key clips, and more. Start with your most basic essentials.

  • Keys and key fobs. You’ll need to open a door somewhere.
  • Smartphone. This is where an exterior slide-in pocket comes in handy for the fastest access.
  • Wallet. Brahmin features several designs, from slim bifolds and credit cardholders to sleek wristlet wallets.
  • Lip Balm. Chapped lips are no fun. Have your favorite emollient on hand to keep your lips plumped.

What To Carry In A Large Purse

Who doesn’t like a bit more room? A larger handbag, like an oversized market tote, gives you plenty of spacious options to carry a lot more. It’s still important to keep everything organized, which is easy to do with Brahmin’s stylish accessories. Make sure you empty your favorite handbag in the evening to see if there is anything you should take out of your bag and help protect it from being bogged down and getting damaged.


Working remotely? You can fit your computer, iPad, or tablet inside a backpack, which allows you to be hands-free and distribute your handbag’s weight evenly across your shoulders. A deep tote is also an option, especially one in an energizing blend of metallic cobalt and cerulean.

Headphones or AirPods

Wireless headphones will fit perfectly in the Brea, a dedicated tech accessory for airpods featuring a carabiner clip and snap closure. Keep your headphones organized by storing them in a coin purse.

Battery charger

You’ve got your smartphone. Now make sure it stays powered all day. Brahmin’s larger bags and ample interior compartments keep your charger nearby. 


Maintain that glow! Keep your compact, lip gloss, and other beauty essentials in a pretty cosmetic case that makes you feel gorgeous before you touch up.


Keep your glasses safe and easy to reach in a sleek, leather eyeglass case.

Water bottle

The secret to luminous skin and a clear mind? Lots of H2O! you can keep your water bottle close when toting a bigger bucket bag. You can keep a healthy snack in your bag as well.

On-the-go tissues

These travel tissues are great for when you need to blow your nose or shed a tear of joy.

Breath mints or gum

You’re keeping it fresh all day long.

What Not To Carry In Your Purse

Brahmin’s handbags are sturdily constructed to handle your busy schedule, but there are some things you may want to take extra precautions with when putting them in your handbag. Oily substances could stain your bag, so avoid things like petroleum or certain beauty products that could damage your interior. If you have hand sanitizer, check to see that the cap is secure to avoid any mishaps inside your bag. 

Big or small, Brahmin’s leather handbags have plenty of roomy interior and organizational solutions, so you can hold everything you need and be prepared for every excursion.