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Traveling With Your Pet 101

You’re ready to travel again and this time, you won’t be doing it alone. Here are tips to consider when traveling with your pet, including the type of carrier!

Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

You’re ready to travel again and this time, you won’t be doing it alone. Your furriest of friends is along for the ride. When it comes to getting around, your pet can get from here to there in chic style, just like its human companion with our pet collection. Whether you are seeking a dog carrier purse or dog tote bag, here are Brahmin’s top tips on how to travel with your dog.


Get The Right Carrier

One of the most important pieces you’ll need when traveling with your dog is a carrier. This will keep your pet safe and secure while in transit. You’ll want to find one that’s roomy enough for your dog to lounge in comfortably (paws extended!) and sturdy enough to hold its weight. A small dog carrier purse should also have a mat and other design elements to make traveling with your pet a breeze.

If your pet is 16 lbs. or less, a nylon pet carrier will keep your small furry friend safe while traveling. Designed for easy visibility of your precious cargo, Brahmin’s carriers feature removable, padded bottoms for extra comfort. Side mesh windows provide ventilation to ensure your pet will enjoy fresh breezes while in a protected view of their surroundings.

To tote your pup around, look for a dog carrier handbag with sturdy rolled handles and an adjustable, padded shoulder strap that can leave your hands free. Stash some treats, toys, and wipes you need in its side mesh pockets. With a dog carrier handbag this size, you’ll be able to place your pup under an airplane seat if you are flying to your destination

Have Enough Water

Did you know that dogs drink about 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight every day? While traveling, make sure you’ve got plenty of fresh water on hand to keep your pup hydrated. Your dog may even need a little bit more if the car is heated or overly dry inside. A collapsible water bowl can be kept inside your carrier’s side mesh pocket.


Plan For Potty Breaks

Just like the rest of us, your puppy is going to need potty breaks now and then. If you’re going on a long road trip, schedule for stops every two to three hours to let your dog relieve itself, though you may need more as traveling can throw a dog off its normal bathroom schedule. A zippered carrier top makes it easy to get your dog in and out. You may want to use our leather leashes to take your dog on a brisk walk at this time so your pup can burn off some energy and (hopefully!) sleep once back in the car.


Bring Treats (But Don’t Serve Right Away)

We all love to snack while on the go. When it comes to your pup, you can bring their regular food with you, but avoid having them eat while you’re in motion. Your dog may get queasy if you do. If your dog needs something to gnaw on, place a chewing bone inside your dog tote bag. It can help keep your dog calm and give it a sense of security.

Traveling with your dog can be fun if you’re properly prepared. Make sure you have the right dog carrier purse if your pet is 16 lbs. or less. Try taking your pup for short rides in its carrier so it can get used to it. Brahmin’s carriers are designed to keep your small dogs comfortable on any length trip, and stylish the whole ride through.