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Category: Style and Inspiration

How to photograph your handbag?

From lighting to angles, find out how to take the best photos of your Brahmin Handbag and learn how to get featured on Brahmin’s social channels.

We know you love showing off your latest Brahmin finds. Ever wonder how to take the best pictures of your Brahmin and get featured in our content? Well, we sat down with the team to give you some tips and tricks to make sure your Brahmin looks her best!


Our Senior Photographer, Rachel Rednor, reminds us to try and get as much natural lighting as possible, whenever possible. No matter where you are, make sure you have the light shining on you and your bag from the front. If you’re taking a shot outside, the best times to shoot are when the sun isn’t highest in the sky, that’s generally earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon. This helps with more flattering shadows.

For inside shots, don’t stand directly under or in front of a lightsource, grab a lamp and place it out of view in front of you and your Brahmin, and watch you and that bag dazzle in great lighting.

Rednor had this extra pro-tip to share, “Try to find interesting backgrounds that aren't too busy so as not to distract from the bag.”

Framing & angles

Creative Director, Michele Honein echoes, Rednor, saying, “Keep your background and props simple. You want the bag to be the hero of your shot.” Another thing Honein stresses is knowing what space you’re working in, are you filling a rectangle or a square? One requires more focus in the edges, while a square can be more simple to frame. Knowing where you’re sharing your photo is a good place to start. Squares are great for grid posts and sharing to your timeline, while rectangles are optimal shapes for stories.

Honein adds a tip as well, “Try a few unexpected angles of the bag. Sometimes shooting from a lower perspective could be more interesting than straight on.” Shooting from a lower perspective gives the bag a more powerful position. Shooting from above can create interest as well, just remember that the camera may focus more on what’s closest and you want to keep the beautiful colors and textures of your bag in sight!

How to get featured

Our brilliant Social Media, Influencer & PR Strategist, Chelsea Deakin, has some tips for if your heart is set on getting featured on our channels, “Make your Brahmin the focal point of your photo.” Deakin reminds us that competing brands/logos/prints take away focus from your bag. She agrees with the rest of the team that a background that doesn’t distract from your bag is super important, adding, “Simple, bright and clean is best!”

Just in case you hadn’t thought of it, Deakin has, “Keep in mind the aesthetic of the Brahmin content when you are creating your own.” We want your content to fit seamlessly into ours. And of course if you feel like you’re getting lost in the shuffle, “Stay consistent with posting and tagging @brahmin and using #inbrahmin if you want to stand out!”

We want you to think about what your bag uniquely means to you. Why do you love your Brahmin? Highlight that and we’ll be sure to see that passion. Take these tips and get sharing! We’ll see YOU #inbrahmin soon enough!