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Best Colors to Wear for Summer

Wearing the summer colors of the season will make you feel cool as the temperature rises. Here are four of the best colors to wear this summer!

Four of the Best Colors to Wear This Summer

Time to jump into your warm-weather wardrobe! Wearing the summer colors of the season will make you feel cool as the temperature rises. Having handbags and accessories in the season’s most desired shades is an effortless way to update your summer wardrobe. You’ll be stylish and on-trend for any occasion, whether it’s part of your essential summer workwear, or you’re enjoying a starry evening dining on the beach.


What Are Summer Colors?

Summer colors can range from delicate pastels to big bold tones. Alternatively, it’s a great time to wear your favorite neutrals. Whichever hues you choose, your pieces should make you feel cool and effortless when you wear them.


How to Incorporate Summer Colors Into Your Wardrobe

After the gray and rainy skies of winter and spring, a bolt of color is just what you need to reinvigorate your personal style. These four colors of the season will help you jumpstart your summer wardrobe.



One of the most popular colors for summertime, turquoise is a calming blue-green shade. Just a small amount can liven up your favorite neutrals. Add a pop of this tropical-tinged hue by slipping a turquoise shoulder bag over a white t-shirt or blouse and khaki bottoms for a daytime stroll. Color blocking is also a big trend of the season. You can try a sassy combination of your favorite emerald green piece of clothing and a turquoise satchel for a bright night out on the town. 


Looking to make a major impact this summer? This is the color for you! Named after the shade found in the fuchsia plant, this vivid purplish-red color is everywhere. And one of the hottest ways to wear it is from head to toe in a fitted pantsuit. Finish off this look with a clutch or wristlet in the same color scheme. The bag’s trim rectangular style will mimic your pantsuit’s sharp lines. You can also tuck your clutch or wristlet wallet into a larger matching satchel for maximum effect.


In the summer, we love to wear floral and other fun patterns that we put away during the winter. With a busy background, a soft leather handbag is a perfect complement. Try carrying a bucket bag with a bright floral fit and flare dress for a classy combination. If you choose to wear a patterned jumpsuit, pair it with a casual crossbody. This hands-free handbag will keep your clothing’s design center stage.



Talk about wearing all the colors in the prism! Wearing rainbow clothing may be a bit overwhelming, so add this color scheme to your wardrobe through your accessories. You can sport a split crystal bangle embellished with rainbow-colored Swarovski crystals. Perk up your hairstyle with rainbow-inspired hairpins. Feeling more adventurous? Trying one of Brahmin’s multi-colored oversized totes that pay homage to the rainbow trend. Brahmin’s "Together In Harmony '' collection celebrates the power of self-expression with an explosion of color. 

It’s easy to update your personal style for warmer weather. Just add these summertime colors and shades to your wardrobe. Brahmin’s incredible collection of handbags and accessories showcase the beauty of color and rainbow patterns. Adding these must-have pieces to your wardrobe will pull your summer looks together with stunning cohesion.