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Chic Style for Women: The Elements of Elegance

If you’ve wondered how you can achieve the secrets to chic style, here’s what you need to know to master your own brand. View the elements of elegance now.

How to Master Your Own Chic Style

If you’ve been wondering how you can achieve the secrets to chic style, we here at Brahmin have all your questions answered. Chic style simply means blending elegance and sophistication into your existing wardrobe. And the best part? It’s not limited to one specific look when it comes to your clothing, handbags & purses, and accessories. Here’s what you need to know to define and master your own brand of chic style.

What Does “Chic” Mean?

The dictionary defines the word chic as being "very fashionable and elegant.” That leaves a lot of room for interpretation. At Brahmin, we believe that a woman who showcases chic style is self-assured in what she wears. She is ready to add pops of sophistication and stylishness into her favorite looks, through her unique choice of color, patterns, and textures.

The Origins of Chic Style 

Like many things that seem ooh-la-la, chic style can trace its roots back to France. It dates back to 1600 and the French term “chicanery,” which meant "legal quibbling and sophistry." Credit should also be given to the German word, "shick," which means "skill or tact." According to the Oxford Dictionary, the modern word "chic" began its mainstay in the English language around 1860.

How To Be Chic

Here is where things get really interesting. Chic style clothing can be found in all types of ways. No matter what your personal look, you can always make your wardrobe feel chic. Essentials for any chic wardrobe include a little black (or white) dress, a white button down, neutral slacks and a stylish trench. Once you have these foundation pieces, you can mix and match to try any of these styles on for size.

Boho Chic 

Boho chic is an elevated version of a relaxed, unstructured, and easygoing style vibe, from your maxi skirts to your fringed sweaters. Layering your favorite necklaces is one way to capture that Boho chic sensibility.

Casual Chic

What is casual chic? It’s all about looking smart and pulled together by taking simple and basic elements and pairing them with chic accents. Your favorite black jeans, a smart blouse and blazer, along with a bold print tote bag, is an easy, pulled-together look.


Rocker Chic

There’s no need to ditch your vintage leather bomber jacket and lace-up boots. You can upgrade your rocker chic clothing style with a shoulder handbag in black croc-embossed leather, giving your look a stylish edge.

Chic Street Style

Sleek clean lines and a monochromatic palette define chic street style. Pair this refined look with a smooth leather handbag in a classic shade of black, blue, or tan, and minimalist jewelry. 


Modern Chic 

Combining chic style with trendy designs adds up to a modern chic aesthetic. One of the best ways to add something new is with a handbag in the color or print of the moment.


French Chic

French women are experts at mixing casual and dress-up pieces for an elegant look that feels effortless. Delicate crystal earrings are a perfect addition to your French chic fashion style.


However you decide to add chic style to your wardrobe, from your handbag to your accessories, remember that an air of confidence truly embodies personal sophistication.