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Category: Behind the Design

The Zodiac Assortment: Pisces Edition

Pisces Edition

A collection of star-crossed styles for those born from February 19 - March 20.

Personality Traits

Creative, empathetic, and super intuitive, Pisces connect easily with those around them. They contemplate the “deep stuff” on a daily basis, which makes them expert listeners if you’re soul-searching-up-creek-without-a-paddle. When they’re not consoling friends and family (or celebrating the success of others), Pisces keep busy by cultivating their many artistic talents. It’s not uncommon for them to be gifted writers, musicians, and artists. We’d call them triple threats — but it just wouldn’t jive with their kind-as-can-be energy.

Pisces gift picks

Pisces possess a unique ability to appreciate beauty in all forms, making them easy (but equally difficult) to shop for. Their zodiac sign is symbolized by a fish, so they’re naturally drawn to colors of the sea such as aqua, navy blue, and indigo. Being a water sign (with enough love to fill an ocean), Pisces are true romantics through and through. Any gift they receive will be cherished forever. Expect to get more than a cursory thank you or hug in return for your gift, Pisces do it up big: they’re known to write thank-you notes (like the kind you get in the mail).