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How To Incorporate Animal Print Into Your Wardrobe

Animal prints are a fun way to add a statement to your style. Here's how you can incorporate animal prints into your wardrobe, starting with your handbag!

How To Incorporate Animal Print Into Your Wardrobe

Animal prints are a timeless look that never go out of vogue. Whether you wear just a splash with a snakeskin handbag, or you sport it from head-to-toe, animal prints are a fun and fierce way to add a bold statement to your personal style. Get ready to roar with Brahmin as we explore all the wild ways you can add this print to your wardrobe.

Animal Prints As Your Accessories

One of the best places to start with animal prints is in your accessories. If you’re wearing a monochrome or neutral outfit, an animal print is a great way to add a bit of flash. You can add an animal print from your toes, starting with a patterned shoe, all the way to your head with a silk scarf or thick headband in a striped or spotted print. And of course, a purse in an animal motif adds a major focal point to your ensemble.

Start With The Shoes

If you’re starting at the bottom and wearing a pair of flats or heels in an animal print, you’re already working with a major statement piece. Try pairing them with solid-colored clothing, like your favorite LBD or a matching blazer and trousers. To offset your shoe’s print and monochrome outfit, add a fiery red leather wristlet or satchel. It’s a powerful combination that will definitely make heads turn.

Matching your patterned shoes with a softer ensemble, like a silk ivory dress? Try adding a soft leather shoulder bag or a textured croc purse in milky Melbourne embossed leather.

Make a Statement With Animal Print Bags 

Since you can build a whole ensemble around an animal print bag, the question to ask is which type should you choose? We here at Brahmin’s have a few favorite styles that will make you feel like the queen of the jungle. 


A statement-making snake print is one of the most versatile animal designs you can invest in. You can find a snakeskin-inspired bag in a variety of colors, like a blending of vibrant pink and purple hues or rich yellow, brown, and beige hues accented with smooth dark brown leather.


Be inspired to run wild with a satchel in stripes. Try an ombre print with ivory and plum hues. Or pay homage to your inner black panther with a unique purse shape in classic black


Want to be spotted? Go for exotic purses made exclusively in Brahmin’s sophisticated textures. With a variety of leopard hues to choose from, you can find one to match every outfit.

Animal Mashups

What’s better than one animal print? Mixing a few for a striking combination! Slip a sleek leopard print blended with a colorful tartan pattern and snakeskin-inspired texture onto your arm for the ultimate mashup.

The Complete Look

Remember, a little animal print can go a long way. Choose a focal point for your pattern -- like a clothing item, your shoes, or your handbag -- to keep the look simple and elegant. Here at Brahmin, we love starting with our handbags and building our wardrobe around that statement piece. 

Animal prints aren’t just meant for the jungle. You can incorporate these eye-catching patterns into your wardrobe just by your handbag choice. Visit Brahmin’s large selection of animal-print-inspired handbags and purses and let your inner beast shine.