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International Women’s Day

See how Brahmin encourages women to break the bias to forge a gender-equal world and supports a diverse workplace that uplifts and celebrates female leaders.

International Women’s Day 2022 - Break the Bias

Brahmin supports a diverse and equitable workplace that uplifts and celebrates female leaders. Women make up 82% of the workforce at Brahmin and are represented in ⅔ of C-suite roles, 50% of director roles and 74% of management roles.

On International Women’s Day, Brahmin stands with the Break the Bias campaign, focusing on forging a gender equal world, free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. We want to create a world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive; where difference is valued and celebrated.

In all departments at Brahmin, there are women who Break the Bias and inspire us to continue to push the limits of what we can do both in and out of work.  

We asked our employees to submit nominations of women they would like to feature during the month. In alignment with the Break the Bias campaign, we provided them with the following criteria.

  • Influences behavior
  • Redefines stereotypes
  • Challenges bias
  • Has launched initiatives at Brahmin (both big and small)
  • Is passionate about philanthropic efforts 
  • Has achievements we can celebrate
  • Helps motivate and encourage others
  • Mentors youth
  • Helps you advance and grow (personally or professionally)
  • Inspires you

We’d like to introduce you to some of the women, nominated by their peers, as shining examples of Women who Break the Bias at Brahmin. 


“Lilly is one of the most driven young women I have had the pleasure of knowing. She has a work ethic that exceeds far beyond her years. She never lets anything stop her and is constantly driving to better herself and our business.”


“Marlean embodies integrity and sets the highest standard in all she does. Her passion for the brand reflects in everything she does and to our clients that shop with us. She helps foster a workplace atmosphere that drives diversity, and respect for all.” 

Sue B.

“Sue spends a great deal of personal time developing her team. Taking each one of us to that next level in our career. She opens and expands our minds. Sue truly cares about her team – professionally and personally. She is the perfect balance between tough and fair; a true leader.”


“Jamie not only cares about the brand but she cares about each member of her team and it shows in our work. There is always room for improvement and I love that Jamie does not feel isolated from this concept - she is open to hearing true feedback and making any necessary changes. She has been a wonderful mentor who leads by example. This woman is the definition of a LEADER with drive for success, dedication to her team/company, and determination to keep growing even when she's already great!” 


“Rachel is not only a talented and creative photographer but she also manages to keep pace with the many day to day needs of our creative design team. She's got great experience in the commercial photography world and would be a terrific person to highlight for women's history month!”


“Marge is such a positive and passionate leader. Her work ethic is exemplary; her diligence for making sure every aspect of planning's daily functions are done quickly and accurately are why our team operates so efficiently. She puts others and the company first and she is a pleasure to work with and report to.”


“Wendy is a huge source of knowledge and skills. She has assisted me regardless of the department I am working in, with the lone goal of making me a better team player for Brahmin. She is selfless and detail oriented which are huge traits I feel help make her as successful as she is, at Brahmin and in life.”


“She is a hard worker and always does her best to help out when she has the time and always asks how everyone is doing on a personal level.”

Sue D.

“Sue excels in her field and is a good motivator.”


“She has a long tenure with Brahmin and is integral to the organization. She supports almost every internal team & does so with kindness & a positive attitude.”


“Rose is a wonderful partner, team player, and hard worker that's been with Brahmin almost since inception. She is an example of strength, always trying to keep positive. She's always ready to help.” 


“Carol is passionate about her job and takes it very seriously. She is dedicated to all causes at Brahmin and is a leader to myself and my peers. She is a great listener and motivator. She challenges us to be better and goes out of her way to see that the job is done.”