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Category: Style and Inspiration

Community Spotlight: Meet Tanika and CJ

Community Spotlight on Tanika, “TL”, and her mom CJ. This mother-daughter duo shares how they bond over their love for Brahmin handbags since first seeing one.

Our Brahmin team recently met a mother-daughter duo at a local event in Nashville, TN. We were moved by their passion for the brand that has crossed generations and becomes a passion and common interest. Meet Tanika “TL” and her mom CJ and see how they bond through Brahmin. 

Tanika’s First Brahmin 

In 2017, Tanika’s mom received a Brahmin catalog in the mail, and it captivated her at first glance. There was one handbag that pulled her all the way in: the Large Duxbury Satchel in Rose Gold Provence.

“It was like love, or shall I say handbag, at first sight” 

- Tanika 

“I had to have that handbag, but due to a significant life change, the handbag was not in my budget,” said Tanika. “My longing for it did not change. Someway, somehow, someday, I was going to have my first Brahmin handbag.”  

“Fast forward to Christmas 2017 when my mom handed me this beautifully wrapped gift. The moment I unwrapped it and saw Brahmin’s name on the box I pretty much lost it. I could not believe it, I was so excited and when I opened the box, there it was, my first Brahmin handbag.”  

All About Mom 

Tanika’s mom gifted her first Brahmin handbag, but it wasn’t the first time she put her daughter first. 

“As a single mom she struggled, labored, and sacrificed to ensure I was always taken care of. She has a heart of gold and she loves unconditionally, and her strength is incredible! My mom has focused solely on helping me to build my Brahmin collection, but this year, I surprised my mom with a handbag from the Very Peri collection for Mother’s Day.” 

Best Gift for Mother’s Day 

We asked Tanika what gift she would recommend to someone searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

“I would highly recommend Elaine from your favorite Melbourne collection. It is very stylish and classy, all while making a statement which says: ‘y’all can’t handle this.’” 

Why Brahmin?  

“When I look at a Brahmin handbag, it makes me want to create. It’s like taking a canvas and creating a masterpiece; or creating a chart-topping song that folks will listen to from generation to generation; or writing a bestseller, that has the power to change one’s life! Brahmin bags inspire me in my life when I’m creating & designing my own T-shirts & sneakers; writing, journaling, singing, creating new songs and dancing.” 

“Brahmin is a beautiful work of art! The creativity, the workmanship, the marrying of colors is nothing short of brilliant!”

- Tanika