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5 Fall Handbags You Need This Year

Bag styles change from season to season, so it’s the perfect chance to add a new purse to your wardrobe. Check out these fall handbags you need this year!

A slight chill in the air and the autumnal hues of red, orange, and brown are the signs that it’s time to select our favorite fall handbags! Bag styles change from season to season, so it’s the perfect opportunity to explore new shapes and new fall purses that will make your handbag the focal point of your wardrobe. 

Why not invest in a bag designed with the beautiful hues of fall in mind.. We’re sure these styles will warm your heart as the weather gets cooler.  

Here are two of our favorite bag styles, along with the best handbag colors for fall.

Oversized Satchel Bag

It’s true: you may have to carry a bit more as the weather gets cooler, so you need a bag that can handle the extras. A large satchel handbag lives up to the challenge.

This is a great everyday fall handbag that offers plenty of interior space to hold the blanket scarf you’ll effortlessly wrap over your shoulders on cooler days. Look for a large satchel with a convertible adjustable strap and double handles so you can carry it at your perfect length.

Phone Bags

Phone bags are the on-trend silhouette this fall season. Micro in size, they are a must-have when you’re out for a short period of time and you need your hands to be free. They may be small in stature, but Brahmin’s micro bags are designed to be functional as well. These bags offer smart features like interior zip pockets and key clips, plus enough room to carry your phone. Make sure to get one in a dazzling color or print to liven up your fall looks.

Bring this season’s wardrobe to life with these fall handbag colors.

Striking Reds

The color red is always a bold choice that makes people take notice. Not quite ready to make a big commitment? Add a splash of the hue with a small classic saddle bag in a Rose Ombre hue, which will elevate your everyday look.

Ready to go full tilt? A large leather tote handbag in Carnation Red lets everyone know you don’t mind being noticed.

Classic Browns

Brown is beautiful as a classic handbag color for the season. Brahmin takes it up a notch with a collection of brown fall purses in mixed tones and textures, including our large Duxbury Satchel in Tiger’s Eye. The great thing about a brown bag is that it’s a neutral that goes with everything, including that bright pink shearling coat you just can’t resist pulling out every fall season.

Energizing Blues

Blue is known for its calming properties, but this cool shade can also make you feel energized. Go for blues that are rich in tone and deeply saturated to showcase its energizing effects. You can perk up your outfit and your mood with our collection of handbags and totes in Bottle Blue. Pair it with a tan or beige wrap so the bag’s brightness has a neutral backdrop all its own.

Autumnal Prints

With a bag that mimics the colors of fall, you’re ready to pay homage to the season. Whether it’s a drawstring pouch, a vintage-inspired curvy crossbody, or even your checkbook wallet, you’ll be able to have a piece of the season with you with your fall purse color.

Allow yourself to fall into the styles and colors of the season. Finely crafted as they blend function and fashion, Brahmin's fall handbags are ones you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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