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Category: Style and Inspiration

The Zodiac Assortment: Cancer Edition

Show those born during this water sign that you appreciate them with a thoughtful gift. From handbags to journals, we have the perfect presents.

Cancer Personality Traits

If you want a loyal, caring, compassionate friend, find a Cancer and make them laugh. Born between June 22 and July 22, Cancer people are intuitive and emotional, and they need assurance that their efforts in a relationship are not taken for granted. While they like a good mystery, they love a good laugh even more, and their smile will light up a room!

Gifts for a Cancer

For zodiac Cancer gifts, you'll want to look for something in one of their favorite colors. Being a water sign that's ruled by the moon, zodiac Cancer colors include silver – their power color – seafoam green, light blues, and white. These colors are calming to Cancers, and that's helpful for a sign that tends to be on the emotional side.