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Sustainable Employee Spotlight: Meet Jacob

Learn how Jacob, a Materials Designer for BRAHMIN, practices sustainability. This past year has reminded us all to live better, within our communities and on this planet.

In Celebration of Earth Day

All month long we'll be shining a spotlight on Brahmin employees who incorporate sustainability into their daily routines, from composting at home to shopping vintage pieces.


Meet Jacob, Creative Materials Designer

What is your role here at Brahmin?

In a nutshell, as a Materials Designer, I create color palettes for each season, develop custom prints, and source unique leather from tanneries around the world. I enjoy the challenge that comes with innovating our cult-favorite Melbourne and exotic materials, season after season.

How do you practice sustainability at home?

Gardening and composting is second nature to me. My parents instilled in me a sense of wonder and awe in Mother Nature from a young age. Nothing tastes sweeter than sun-ripened fruit from your own backyard. Keeping a jar for kitchen scraps is a simple solution to reduce landfill waste. The compost pile in the backyard does all the work! During the growing season, my rain collection system comes in handy for another source of water for the garden.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate sustainability into your wardrobe?

 I take pride in wearing one-of-a-kind and pre-loved pieces. Vintage clothing is often better constructed than their fast-fashion counterparts. I especially keep my eye out for organic materials like cotton, linen, wool, and silk... all better for your skin and the planet than their petroleum-derived counterparts. Pre-loved sweaters and indigo denim have a sense of history that can't be replicated at a fast-fashion boutique. The best things in life really do take time!

How did you begin taking steps to living more sustainably?

I think sustainability is so open-ended and subjective. My parents definitely raised me with sustainable values out of necessity. It just makes sense to grow some of your own food if you have the space to. This past year has especially reminded us all to live better, within our communities and on this planet. Support local businesses that align with our values. Shopping choices really can make a difference.

In what simple ways can our readers practice sustainability in their daily routines?

It's so easy to bring a reusable canvas bag when shopping for groceries or downtown. My Pecan Meredith tote (returning to soon!) comes in handy for this.