Monogram Shop FAQs

What products are able to be monogrammed?
Handbags with light or brushed gold hanging medallions and all journals can be monogrammed.

What products are not able to be monogrammed?
Only purchases made on or after 09/25/16 can be monogrammed. Previous purchases or any handbags with a nickel finish or a standalone medallion are not able to be monogrammed.

Where will the monogram be located?
On handbags, the monogram will be engraved on the back of the hanging medallion. On journals, the monogram will appear on the gold plaque located on the bottom.

What size is the medallion?
The medallion is slightly larger than a typical handbag medallion to accommodate the monogram.

What size is the journal plaque?
The journal plaque is slightly larger than a typical journal plaque to accommodate the monogram.

What is the cost for monogramming?
An additional charge of $10.00 will be added to the purchase.

Can I use lowercase letters?
At this time, only uppercase letters are available. Lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters are not included.

How many letters are allowed for monogramming?
There is a maximum of three letters for monogramming.

Are monogrammed items exchangeable or returnable?
Once monogrammed, the item is final sale - no returns or exchanges will be accepted.

How long will it take to receive my monogrammed order?
Please allow 4-5 days for your special order to ship. Express shipping is not available.