DIY Brahmin Face Mask Tutorial

There’s nothing we love more than a quick and easy DIY, especially when it requires materials we already have laying around the house. This two-minute Brahmin face mask tutorial (inspired by one of our very own customers!) is here to help you pass the time and stay protected. Give it a try, and be sure to share with a friend.


  • 1 small Brahmin dust bag *Don’t have a small dust bag? Swap in a bandana instead.
  • 2 hair elastics


Step 1: Fold your small dust bag into thirds and place it on a hard surface with the Brahmin side down. 

Step 2: Take the elastics and slide them over each end of your dust bag, stopping about a third of the way in. 

Step 3: Fold in the ends of your dust bag so they are overlapping in the center section. (Tip: Tuck one end into the other for a more secure mask.)

Step 4: Pull the elastics over your ears with the Brahmin logo facing out. 

Voila! Your face mask is complete. Be sure to tag us on social media with your Brahmin face masks for a chance to be featured. Most importantly, stay safe out there!

XO, Brahmin

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