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The Zodiac Assortment: Capricorn Edition

Capricorn Edition

A collection of star-crossed styles for those born from December 22nd - January 19th.


Practical, realistic, and sky-is-the-limit ambitious, this sensible Earth sign tends to be among the most successful of the zodiac. Unlike others (looking at you, air signs), their unmatched discipline and laser focus makes checking off to-do lists and planning calendars feel like fun. To sum this group up in two words: morning people.

Gifting a Capricorn? (Or, browsing for you?)

This pragmatic bunch values quality over quantity, and has an eye for classic color palettes and well-made pieces that hold up. There’s nothing a Cap hates more than seeing hard-earned cash go to waste—especially on something they’ll wear twice—so stick to essentials that’ll work as hard as they do.